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My story

Hello there! I’m Autumn Marcum, a self-taught illustrator and surface designer from beautiful northern Michigan who loves books, art, and all things vintage! I have a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Due to my health, I was forced to leave college early which left me searching for my place in life. I took that uncertain time as an opportunity to teach myself illustration and gathered the courage to launch Caim Designs as a way to share my artwork with others.  


Caim is an old Gaelic word that means “to remind one of being safe and loved, even in the darkest times.” While I have dealt with some difficult times in life due to my health, art has always been something that has made me feel safe and happy; and I hope to bring that same joy to you! All my work is available for licensing and I would love to get in contact with you!

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